Why Us?

In the era of technological advancement, availability of 4k resolution cameras in our mobile phones, and crowded one-man-army freelancers with cheaper rates in Dubai, why would someone need a Tamseel Production House in Dubai for their videography needs?

The answer is: Audiovisual mood and professional knowledge
Tamseel Production creates a mood in your film that complements your genre and story using cinematic lighting, professional audio setup, and cinema cameras that enable you to give a unique superior placement to your Brand.

The Founders

Introducing the masterminds behind powerhouse among Videographers in Dubai – a dynamic collaboration started by two visionary brothers who share not only a deep bond but also a passion for producing exceptional content. With a profound understanding of their craft, this brotherly team has founded a thriving Tamseel production house in Dubai. Their journey is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, and their unified purpose is always clear: to craft the highest quality content in the industry. Together, these brothers are rewriting the standards for Videographers in Dubai, where their shared passion, innovation, and close-knit partnership redefine visual storytelling.

Abdul Quddos – CEO

Bilal Ismat – Cinematographer

Our Team

Together, We’re Greater – Get to Know Our Team!

Zahid Badal

Production Assistant

Arslan Khattak